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Galena Park Schools

                                                        GUIDING  STUDENTS  TOWARD  THE  FUTURE
                                             Volume 7, No. 1                         Back-to-School Edition                                    August 2018

                                                          The Start of a New Chapter

                                             As the summer days wind down, Galena Park ISD is busy preparing for a new chapter in its history.
                                             The first day of the 2018-2019 school year will represent the beginning of another exciting story for
                                             the students and staff at four campuses. While many of the characters, goals and dreams remain
                                             the same, new traditions will be written for North Shore Elementary, Galena Park Elementary,
                                             Woodland Acres Elementary and the North Shore 10th Grade Center.

                                             As part of the Bond 2016 program, Galena Park ISD is completing the
                                             construction of one new school and the complete rebuild of three
                                             aging campuses, all of which are all expected to open at the start

               Inside this issue:            of the school year. The North Shore 10th Grade Center, GPISD’s
                                             newest school, is built to house up to 1,200 students. Students,
         Page 2                              parents and staff can expect state-of-the-art classroom spaces
           Letter from the Superintendent    and common areas, along with a secured entrance and walkway
           Director of the Year              to the Senior High.
         Page 3
           Getting to Know Your GPISD BOT                                           North Shore Elementary, located on Woodforest
           Stay Connected
         Page 4                                                                     Boulevard, will move into their impressive new building
           Open House                                                               designed by Huckabee Architects for the start of the school
           Meet and Greet New Principals                                             year. This facility includes a large collaborative workspace
         Page 5                                                                      for students and teachers as well as an incredible cafeteria,
           Meet the Campus Leadership Team                                           multipurpose room and library. Woodland Acres Elementary
         Page 6                                                                      students and staff are looking forward to their new facility
           New Student Enrollment                                                     designed by Smith & Co., in association with Pfluger
           School Start/Dismissal Times                                               Architects which replaces the original Woodland Acres
           Student Dress Code                                                         school built in 1954. Highlights of the new building include
         Page 7                                                       collaborative workspaces, large common areas for the students and a
           Character Education               unique playground space. The final project in the bond’s first phase is Galena Park Elementary.
           Marching Band Festivals           This incredible new school, set to open in August, replaces the original facility built in 1936.
         Page 8                              Students, parents and staff will enjoy incredible design features which include a replica of the
           Senior Gold Card
           Get On Board                      original school’s iconic arch and steps.
         Page 9
           Football and Volleyball Schedules  “It is truly an exciting time for the Galena Park ISD community,”
         Page 10                             said Dr. John Moore, associate superintendent of operations. “The
           School Calendar                   support received in the 2016 Bond effort, and the cooperation
           Free Immunizations                exhibited by our staff has gone a long way toward making
         Páginas 11-16                       construction of the new facilities and the planning necessary for
           Encuentra todos los artículos en   the new school year successful.”
                                             As the pages continue to turn in Galena Park ISD’s story, the quest
                                             to provide quality education and state of the art facilities for families remains a top
                                                                                       priority for the future. The district has already begun work on
                                                                                       the next phases of the Bond 2016 package which include
                                                                                       complete rebuilds of Cloverleaf, Jacinto City and Pyburn
                                                                                        Elementary Schools, major renovations for Galena Park High
                                                                                        School and renovation work at several other campuses

                                                                                        “We are happy to continue the story of success.
                                                                                         New chapters will be written every year, but with the
                                                                                         community’s support we will always continue our story
                                                                                         of excellence,” says Dr. Angi Williams, superintendent of
                                                                                         schools for Galena Park ISD.
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